Definition of the mission

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§1 - Mission

To ride along a triangle-shape route of minimum 100 km (≈ 62 miles) linear distance between each stage.

Mission Triangel Erklärung

§ 2 - Mission conditions

  1. The route must be absolved by a single rider with a single motorbike (no sozia)
  2. The route has to end at its start
  3. The route itself has to pass two goals, set by yourself. These stopovers shall be typical POIs like memorials, view points, touristic attractions or popular restaurants and there must be a 100km air line distance between them.
  4. Your mission shall start not before sunrise and shall end before sunset within one day
  5. The route shall not use highways or similar streets. A highway is specified as a multi lane street with no or maximum speed limit
  6. All the time the route has to be proceeded by following legal conditions, same as the bike itself
  7. Your own safety and of other traffic participants comes first. Don’t use any stimulants, take your brakes. Stop the mission, when you get too tired 

 § 3 - Documentation

  1. At the start and at the stopovers you have to make a picture of you (selfie). The driver and the prominent object shall be seen. If possible, activate the currant date and gps position
  2. At the start and the stopovers record the actually ridden milage
  3. The route can be recorded by a gps tracker, if you ride in a group, a single record is adequate
  4. You can report your result online via Please add the 4 selfies (start, 2 stopovers and final) to your report
  5. Please accept conditions for publishing pictures and results. No names or registration plates will be published

§ 4 - Fees

  1. The fee for the mission is 50€ (~xx$) and can be send via paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to bank account
       DKB (Deutsche Kreditbank)
       BIC         BYLADEM1001
       IBAN     DE79 1203 0000 0015 3816 50
       PAYPAL-Konto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. After deduction of costs for production the patch, the coin and a certificate and shipping costs all fees will be collected and donated to the Björn-Schulz-Stiftung (link?). Every participant will receive a donation attestation in the following year
  3. In case of failure after a check of your records the fee will be refunded

§ 5 - Approval

  1. The approval of your missions success follows after receipt of payment and full documentation
  2. After successful approval the driver will receive a certificate, a mission patch with the year of this mission.
  3.  After your first participation and successful approval the driver will receive a challenge coin
  4. All successful driver will be published in a public document, including his or her route
  5. Per year you can ride only one mission triangle
  6. Jurisdiction of a court is excluded.

§ 6 - General information

  1. Mission can be absolved alone, in a group, spontaneously or during a rally
  2. You don’t need to announce your mission
  3. Membership in the Blue Knights is not necessary
  4. For the mission approval we need a complete documentation for every driver, co drivers will not be accepted
  5. Participants may be informed about the challenge coin tradition